24 October 2022

The European Commission has adopted the R&D&I Framework 2022, Revised Communication on State aid rules for research, development and innovation.

This new Framework sets out the rules under which Member States may grant state aid to companies in respect of their R&D&I activity, thus ensuring competitive conditions of competition.

The European Commission has adopted the R&D&I Framework 2022

This new framework is a consequence of the evaluation of the current rules, included in the state aid adequacy check. Among the new features are

The R&D&I Framework 2022 also contributes to the strategic objectives of the European Union with regard to its green and digital transition goals.

What’s new in the R&D&I Framework 2022

Among the modifications:

1.- Improved and updated existing definitions of research and innovation activities

In particular, the modifications explain their applicability with respect to digital technologies and activities related to digitization (supercomputing, quantum technologies, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, big data or cloud computing). This seeks to provide legal certainty to both Member States and all stakeholders, while also facilitating R&D&I investments that enable the digital transformation of the European Union.

2.- Authorization of public aid for testing and experimentation infrastructures

These are necessary to develop, test and scale up technologies. The 2022 Framework aims to facilitate the development and possible deployment of cutting-edge and breakthrough technologies, especially by European SMEs, while facilitating the green and digital transition of the European economy, contributing to the new European Innovation Agenda.

3.- Simplification of standards

With the aim of facilitating the practical implementation of the R&D&I Framework 2022, while easing, at the same time, the administrative burden for companies and public administrations, simplified mechanisms are introduced to determine the indirect costs of R&D projects.

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Teresa Marina

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