8 March 2022

More and more women have been taking the leadership in a diverse range of sectors. What can be learned from them and how does the gender-gap have an influence on the industry? On International Women’s Day, Emma Mungioli (Business Team Manager) and Flora Burkic (Grants Team Manager) elaborate more on the subject.

Female entrepreneurs in the Belgian spotlights

Different competitions for start-ups and entrepreneurs are organized every year to support creativity of the future innovators. Considering the existing gender gap, the WOMED Award is presented yearly to celebrate female leadership, entrepreneurial and promising talent.

  • The WOMED Award for an ambitious female entrepreneur
  • The Promise of the Year, for an ambitious starter

Representation within the hard industries

Belgium has the ambition to achieve gender equality following the SDG by the Un, and has taken measures to bridge the gender differences. But the next bottlenecks remain:

  • For an identical job within the same company, the average annual gender pay gap varies between 22 and 20%
  • Women would have to work an average of 10 years more to earn as much as their male counterparts
  • On average, a woman earns 7.6% less per hour worked than a man
  • The percentage of female representation in parliaments at national level is 24.9%
  • Only 28% of women hold managerial positions

At FI Group Belgium, all managerial position in 2022 are held by women managers.

Emma Mungioli, Business Team Manager said I have always been working in the hard industries, such as steel manufacturing companies or the chemical business. To this day, those are a real men’s world.”

Breaking down barriers to start up and grow

Women in Tech is a Flemish initiative supporting entrepreneurial women with tech ambitions. The ambition is to break down barriers and introduce women to inspiring role models who coach them to overcome challenges and put them on the path to business success in the technology sector.

“The imposter syndrome is still very real, but we as women need to fight against that because we need to step up for ourselves. We should dare more. Be resilient, be agile, be open and set our own boundaries”, adds Flora Burkic.

A value that resonates throughout FI Group

FI Group strives to be positive and warm, which is why empathy is one of our core values. All of what we do is based on relations with affinity and empathy: understanding the needs of clients and responding with proximity and naturalness. We also generate a relationship focusing on pleasant, positive, and trusting settings.

The Grants Manager Flora Burkic, points out the “having open-minded people around you, as it is the case at FI Group, helps you to work in your own work-life balance to realise your best potential. To develop a mentorship program is something I’ve spoken of before with our direction, to encourage female leadership, since it can be complex and challenging.”

FI Group has 20 years of experience and wants to accompany you on the new NextGenerationEU path. Our experts are at your disposal to analyse how your project fits into NextGenerationEU and to take the next steps together with you.

Yvette Poumpalova

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