23 June 2022

The summer months are the right moment to re-evaluate your business and its needs. FI Group took the time to analyze and summarize the most interesting financial opportunities in a calendar of grants, available during July, August, and September 2022. Our group of experts identifies strategic financing opportunities, measures to go after your R&D+I goals, and investments that perfectly fit your (project) plan to kick off the rest of the year. 

How do grants work? 

The grant process follows a linear workflow that includes finding the right funding opportunity, analyzing the conditions, preparing the necessary data, applying for the grant, awaiting approval, successfully implementing the (project) plan, reporting, and closing. 

Calls for financial aid open throughout the year with different application processes and eligibility conditions. Consider multiple factors: 

  • Geographical scope (local, regional, national or European) 
  • Private or public actor 
  • Company size (startup, SME, large enterprise) 
  • Type of project 
  • Necessary project costs 
  • Deadline(s) 

Grants can be both topic-specific and sector-specific, which is why the FI Group consultants are at your disposal to simplify the financial aid available for your specific needs. Request a free audit now on our website or find below the calendar of grants available specifically for the coming summer months. 

From July and Augustus until September 2022 

1.- Energy premiums by network operators Fluvius & Elia – Until 1 July 2022 

Fluvias and Elia offer an energy saving and renewable energy grant, which varies in function of the types.   

Elia’s customers in the Flemish Region, connected to the local transmission system with a voltage level of up to 70 kV, can apply for an investment subsidy when implementing measures aimed at primary energy savings. An energy study must be carried out beforehand. 

Companies can receive several premiums when they invest in:  

  • Energy-saving (insulation, high-performance glazing, relighting); 
  • And renewable energy (solar boiler, heat pump, heat pump boiler); 

in existing non-residential buildings.  

  • There are also premiums for specific projects following the implementation of an energy study.   

The grants are aimed at professional consumers for energy-saving and renewable energy investments in existing non-residential buildings.    

  • SMEs and large companies    
  • Organizations (including non-profit organizations)  
  • Energy consumers connected to the local transmission grid. 

2.- Blue deal water-saving investments – Until 8 July 2022 

The Blue deal water-saving investment is a measure for:  

  • Investments in water saving 
  • Drought relief  
  • Groundwater recharge  

It concerns investments in technologies that do not meet the strict European requirements for eligibility for the Ecology Premium Plus (EP+) and the Strategic Ecology Support (STRES), but do make a significant contribution to the drought problem. 

This open call is available for all SME’s established in the Flemish Region that carry out an eligible main activity.    

One-man businesses, liberal professions and non-profit organizations with economic activity are also eligible.    

3.- Recyclagehub – Until 30 August 2022 

Companies that want to invest in innovative technologies to close material cycles can receive support from the Flemish Public Waste Agency (OVAM) for recycling projects that convert waste materials into raw materials.   

The call is aimed at recycling projects that convert waste materials (both locally produced and imported) into raw materials. The ambition is to create a substantial environmental gain in relation to the aid granted: 

  • Reduction of residual waste 
  • Detoxification of the cycle (such as asbestos destruction)  
  • Reuse of recycles 

Eligible are both SMEs and large enterprises investing in new recycling activities in the Flemish Region.  

  • Sole proprietorships are excluded 

4.- Urban Europe – Innovations for managing sustainable urban accessibility – Until 15 September 2022 

The consortium of funding agencies from 4 countries (Austria (FFG), Belgium (Brussels Capital Region (Innoviris) and Flanders Region (VLAIO), Sweden (SWEA and VINNOVA), Turkey (TÜBITAK)) offer 3.72 million euro to realize the collaborative, results oriented projects in research and innovation in the area of sustainable urban accessibility.  . 

The purpose of this subsidy is to realize the collaborative, results oriented projects in research and innovation in the area of sustainable urban accessibility.   

Innoviris finances in this call private and public enterprises, urban administrations, municipalities, research centers, and associations.  

The eligibility criteria are set at 2 levels:  

  • Transnational eligibility criteria set out in the text call (EU level)  
  • Eligibility and funding conditions of Innoviris 

5.- The restructuring of two renovation subsidies – Until 30 September 2022 

During the summer, the renovation premium & energy premium by Fluvius will be closed. Until 30 September 2022, no new applications will be accepted. 

The cause being the development of a new Flemish grant, Mijn VerbouwPremie, which will be a merger between the first two premiums.  

FI Group has 20 years of experience and wants to support you in understanding and intercepting the available R&D+I opportunities. Our experts are at your disposal to analyze your project and take the next steps together with you.  

Yvette Poumpalova

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