25 February 2022

The European Association of Innovation Consultants (EAIC), of which FI Group is a member, today publishes the updated “A Guide to Next Generation EU for industry to better understand and seize its opportunities“.

The EAIC is aware of the complexity of implementing the funds in Next Generation EU, not only in terms of co-governance, or type of investments, but also in terms of reforms and budgets.

Alex Alvarez, FI Group Executive Director for Italy, Belgium and Germany, and coordinator of the report said, “we created this guide to help economic actors understand how the recovery plans are being deployed, the measures implemented in each country as well as the synergies between them (priorities, instruments and countries)”.

He adds that “monitoring the development of the plans is a support to all actors involved in the implementation and reception of European funds”.

EAIC President Pekka Koponen adds: “The potential of Next Generation EU to drive the continent’s green and digital transition is unforeseeable. However, it is not easy to achieve. Funding is spread across hundreds of regional, national and EU instruments in all EU languages. Often a national partner is needed, while often there are no competitive national providers available”.

He further points out that, finding committed partners is even more important. “The management of the resulting projects also requires specific skills. For all these issues, competitive advice is necessary. That is why we have produced this guide.

Initially released in July 2021, EAIC’s guide 1st update now covers 25 countries, it has been developed with the support of 13 EAIC members active in these countries. The guide will be updated again in May with new sections to make it easier to identify opportunities for the industry.

FI Group has 20 years of experience and wants to accompany you on the new NextGenerationEU path. Our experts are at your disposal to analyze how your project fits into NextGenerationEU and to take the next steps together with you. Contact us.

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