11 January 2023

At FI Group, innovation is more than a slogan, but a core part of how we support our clients and future-proof their operations. Thanks to our expertise in various sectors and extensive knowledge of R&D measures, we put the customer first to make an impact that really matters. By thinking creatively and providing end-to-end support, taking into account the latest trends, we help you transform, grow and excel.   

From discovery to innovation  

Whether discovering the next new development on the market or improving what is already there, companies grow thanks to innovation. FI Group’s international operation offers a wide range of unique capabilities and tools that bring experts together to help companies create new sources of growth and prosperity.   

Our methods focus on helping our clients’ ideas grow.  

1. Finding your way in research and development  

The market is always changing which can make it difficult to react quickly and seize your opportunities. Many of our FI Group clients struggle with the question of how to use their (project or company) resources in the best possible way to stay innovative. But where the asset also lies to gain an advantage from that.   

It is during the audit phase that our experts put themselves in your place and map out an R&D path for you. They analyse your potential to advise you or offer an innovation strategy with opportunities you have not yet seen. But also to decide together which tax measures will help your project and/or company gain a competitive advantage.  

Understand how tax incentives work and which ones are available to you to enable you to take more control over your finances. FI Group explains 5 types of tax incentives to help you align tax strategies and achieve your financial goals.   

2. Implement the optimal innovation processes  

Keeping up with changing technology, market trends and competition is not always easy. Even just knowing what R&D is and whether it is applicable to your business? Having an innovative mindset is a necessary start but FI Group jumps in to streamline this further. We assist you from start to finish, think along and submit, to build and strengthen your innovation culture. By asking the right questions, updating regularly and supporting you technologically but also administratively, we expand your innovation capacity. By unlocking your company’s R&D potential and implementing some operational processes, we help you take advantage of the tax incentives up for grabs.    

3. Bringing ideas to life  

FI Group wants to see your company’s innovative ideas grow and we are committed to that! To develop your project further, at local, regional, national or European level, you can turn to different FI Group teams. With our specialised background knowledge on R&D tax incentives and grants, we support you further from concept to commercial impact. Discover all FI Group offices and where our international specialists come from! 

4. Making connections and expanding networks  

Thanks to our international presence, we have a global overview of all the things that will best serve your project. Ready to expand and take a transnational step into the world? FI Group has international contacts with partners and institutions to stay best informed about what is going on in each market. The latest developments within tax laws are no stranger to us, whether at regional, local, national or European level. Our various offices are in daily contact with each other to share ideas and work together from which your company can benefit.  

5. Innovation policy services  

Never before have (European) institutions, countries and regions been tested on their ability to change course after the economic crisis, whose shockwaves have affected the lives of citizens and businesses. Innovation is not only the key to growth, it also inspires people. We use our innovation experience to advise and collaborate with (European) governments and institutions to become more innovative and create fertile ground for innovation.  

To further encourage investment in R&D+I, our FI Group consultants help identify, implement and maintain the necessary financial processes. We support you in understanding and intercepting available R&D+I opportunities. 

Yvette Poumpalova

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