16 November 2022

The new year is right around the corner and brings brilliant opportunities. Projects that are currently floating around as an idea and need to be worked out can be launched in 2023. Looking for support for your groundbreaking research? Strengthen your R&D activities in the coming months with the following grants!  

Why Research and Development?  

Research and development (R&D) grants were created to support innovative companies and projects that develop new products or processes or improve existing ones to accelerate their growth. FI Group has mastered the entire grant process and will meet you at every stage of this linear workflow:  

With our expertise in taxation, FI Group analyses your development and innovation projects, determines the support to which you are entitled, assists you in preparing tax files and returns, and offers technical support for any tax audits.  

  • Finding the right funding opportunity    
  • Analysing the conditions    
  • Preparing the necessary documentation    
  • Applying for the grant    
  • Waiting for approval    
  • Successfully implementing the (project) plan    
  • Reporting    
  • Closing    

To be eligible for R&D grants, you must:  

  • Want to start an innovative project (note: you apply for grants before starting your project!);  
  • Or have spent money on innovative projects;  
  • Farm out eligible research and development activities;  
  • Be a limited liability company in Belgium, taking into account regional requirements.

What calls can you expect until the end of 2022?  

Companies with an innovative idea that cannot wait to launch it can still apply until 31 December 2022 for unique grants around energy savings, green investments, internationalisation, …  

1.- Call Green Energy (3rd call) 

Call Green Energy, the Flemish government’s investment support programme, is a subsidy for medium-sized PV installations and small and medium-sized wind turbines.    

2.- SME growth grant (3rd call) 

The SME growth subsidy is awarded through competitive calls per theme. Three calls are foreseen in 2022, each opening several themes. This ensures that only the best cases are supported and increases the social added value of the SME growth grant.    

3.- Loan A Helping Hand 

Benefit from a loan from a friend or family member who receives a tax credit of up to 4% a year.  

4.- Energy Transition Fund  

The Energy Transition Fund aims to encourage and support energy research, development and innovation – within federal energy powers.  

Is your R&D prepared for 2023?  

Now that you have an idea how to qualify for R&D grants, let’s take a look at the different R&D calls that are open in 2023! Preparation can save time as submitting a grant application can be a complicated process. FI Group offers you a clear overview and is here to guide you from start to finish. You can apply for the following grants at any time of the year. 

1.- Development project    

Financial support for Flemish companies with an innovative and groundbreaking idea to develop a new technology, thoughtfully improve processes or services, build a prototype, or go through a pilot phase.    

2.- Research project    

Through a research project, the Flemish Agency for Innovation & Entrepreneurship provides subsidies to companies to expand or strengthen their research and development activities.   

3.- R&D feasibility study    

Companies in Flanders that envisage an innovative project whose feasibility is not yet sufficiently clear can apply for support for an R&D feasibility study.    

4.- Win4Company: industrial research and experimental development  

The Win4Company support is designed to help your company finance industrial research or experimental development projects.    

5.- Win4Expertise: technical support in R&D  

Win4Expertise – Taking advantage of outsourcing for R&D&I of an innovative product/software/process is part of the Win4Expertise axis (helping companies use external expertise) of research support reform based on identified needs (Win4Research).    


Fund ambitious and strongly positioned research projects upstream of Win4Excellence when it comes to promising themes that will upgrade the Walloon Region.   

7.- OP IN grant for process and/or organisational innovations  

The OP IN (Operating Innovation) grant mechanism provides support for organisational and/or process innovations. 

8.- Win4Expertise: patent application assistance  

The Win4Expertise – Patent Application Assistance is part of the Win4Expertise axis (helping companies use external expertise) of the reform of research support based on identified needs (Win4Research).   

FI Group has 20 years of experience and wants to support you in understanding and exploiting the available R&D+I opportunities. Our experts are at your disposal to analyse your project and take the next steps together with you towards innovation.   

Yvette Poumpalova 

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