12 May 2022

The European Commission has adopted the amendment to increase the Horizon Europe Work programme’s budget in 2021-2022 by €562 million. When added to the initial budget it attains a total of €16 billion. 

This substantial change is intended to boost the current challenges in health, climate and the environment. In addition to solve the difficulties experienced by Ukrainian scientists who have been displaced by the war. 

Horizon Europe’s distribution 

Within these €562 million euros, €507.1 million will be destined to the five EU missions. 

  • Mission Cancer with €129.56 million 
  • Mission A soil Dead for Europe gets €95 million 
  • Mission Adaptation to Climate Change will use €126.2 million 
  • Mission Restore Our Ocean and Waters will invest €117.9 million 
  • Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities with a budget of €6.25 million in addition to the €119.27 million initial budget from 2022 

Furthermore, the European Commission will celebrate seventeen calls covering new topics about the five EU missions during days 17 and 18 May. 

Moreover, Horizon Europe will encourage the woman’s European innovation through Woman TechEu with €10 million euros.  

In the same way the Cluster 2 ‘Culture, creativity and inclusive society’ will be promoted through various actions: 

  • Creation of collaborative platforms and networks for the culture and creative industries with a budget of €6 million  
  • The social impact assessment of green transition policies with €3 million 
  • Innovative solutions for the future of democracy gets €3 million 
  • Supporting the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, €1.5 million 

Horizon Europe supports Ukrainian researchers 

Additionally, Ukrainian researchers who were previously active, will be supported by a new program on the new scheme MSCA4Ukraine, which forms part of Marie Skłodowska-Curie’s actions (MSCA), and will get a budget of €25 million

On top of that, Cluster 1 ‘Health’ from Horizon Europe also looks to assist the Ukrainian researcher’s community through Human Frontier Science’s Program, which will get a budget of €1 million thanks to the initiative “Scientists help scientists” 

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Diego Gonzalez Armesto

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