11 June 2022

On 27 June, we celebrate Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day. At the beginning of the global pandemic, SMEs received extra support and measures to combat the difficulties they faced. Now that the world is calming down again, FI Group continues to offer a helping hand in your growing R&D+I journey, believing that these enterprises are an important key in society to fight the economic battle. In 5 steps, we guide and advise you in finding the best grants and tax opportunities to help your ideas grow.

The challenge for micro-enterprises and SMEs

Having an innovative idea but finding the right R&D grant or innovative tax measure to support it can be challenging. FI Group’s expert consultants analyse your development and innovation projects, determine the support you can claim, support you in preparing tax files and returns, and provide technical assistance with grant applications and possible tax audits.

To support innovation 360°, FI Group explains the 5 steps your R&D journey can take!

First steps

FI Group is an expert in supporting R&D and finding innovation funding. We want to support enterprises in understanding and intercepting the R&D+I opportunities available for your idea. The group is at your disposal to analyse your project and take the next steps together.

The journey starts with an audit, our first point of contact, via the FI Group website! Soon, one of our colleagues will contact you and set up an appointment.

The purpose of an audit is for us to get to know enterprises better and analyse your needs. It also gives the opportunity to ask questions, learn about growth opportunities and gain insight into how FI Group operates.

From analysis to tailored opportunity

1.- Grants

SME growth subsidy (Flanders)

The aim of this grant is to stimulate growth and promote the competitiveness of SMEs in Flanders.

Support can be obtained both for recruiting a strategic profile and for acquiring knowledge from an external service provider within one growth trajectory. To apply, your project must be in line with one of the following themes:

  • Internationalisation
  • Digitisation
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable & circular entrepreneurship

International customised project (Flanders)

SMEs in the Flemish Region can get a 50% or 75% grant from Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) to realise creative projects that promote international entrepreneurship from Flanders in, preferably, emerging economies or emerging countries.

Cybersecurity improvement projects (Flanders)

Cybersecurity improvement projects provide tailor-made support to Flemish SMEs and companies in improving their cyber security.

Prime a l’investemment (Wallonia)

This Walloon grant provides support, and in addition to traditional investment support, specific assistance can be provided to companies investing in:

  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable energy use

Win4Expertise: advantage of outsourcing for R&D+I of an innovative product/software/process (Wallonia)

This aid allows SMEs to call on an external public body – a recognised collective research centre, a public research institute, a research unit of a university or college of higher education – to carry out technical services (analyses, measurements, tests, etc.) as part of a process of support, advice and support for innovation, ideally prior to in-house R&D activities.

OP-IN: subsidy for process and/or organisational innovations (Wallonia)

This Walloon subsidy mechanism (Operating Innovation) allows support for organisational and/or process innovations that companies plan to implement.

Win4Expertise: patent filing assistance (Wallonia)

The patent application assistance covers part of the costs arising from the application (fees and taxes) until it is granted (including the cost of national validation of the European patent).

2.- Fiscal measures

Partial wage withholding tax exemption for researchers

If you are engaged in R&D activities, you might want to take a look at the degrees in your workforce. With this national tax incentive, a company can recover up to 80% of the withholding tax.

Increased investment deduction

This measure aims to make new assets (especially environmentally friendly or energy-saving R&D investments) easier to finance and reduce the amount on which tax has to be paid.

Innovation income deduction (IPbox)

FI Group analyses your business and assets. When owning patented products such as developed software, breeders’ rights, etc., intellectual property rights can reduce the company’s taxable base.


Copyright can give an employee a lower tax due to a lower withholding tax rate in your company.

We understand each client

Before we come to an agreement and start our journey together, we understand that every client and their idea is unique. Therefore, all our services are tailored to each individual situation to ensure the best possible outcome for your claim.

We help our clients turn their ideas into reality so that they can benefit from our end-to-end approach.

Take your business to the next level

With its expert knowledge of tax and grant opportunities, FI Group advises businesses on:

  • Determining the financial opportunities you are entitled to
  • Guiding your projects eligible for R&D+I funding
  • Providing you with technical support on tax audits

Our ambition is to help you steer your company towards your innovative goals!

And the result? Strengthening your innovative business operations!

FI Group is here to support and advise you, hoping to let you benefit from various advantages such as:

  • Steer your organisation towards your strategic R&D objectives;
  • Empower your business partners;
  • Step into continuous process improvement;
  • See growth in your cash flow as a result of innovative ideas!

To further encourage investments in R&D+I, our FI Group consultants help identify, implement and maintain the necessary financial processes. We support you in understanding and intercepting available R&D+I opportunities.

Yvette Poumpalova

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