9 January 2024

Since its inception 36 years ago, the Erasmus+ programme has been a cornerstone of education, training and youth development, empowering 14 million individuals through diverse initiatives. 

In 2024, Erasmus+ continues forward, progressing its legacy of transformative impact across various sectors. This year, the program expands its horizons, delivering transnational experiences to a wide spectrum of participants, from school pupils to adult learners, educators, and young people engaged in non-formal learning. 

What is new at Erasmus + 

Recognizing the challenges posed by inflation, Erasmus+ will elevate grant levels for mobility. This proactive step aims to broaden participation and counteract the effects of escalating price levels that have impacted both participants and program implementation. 

In 2024, sustainable travel takes precedence within Erasmus+. The program incentivizes and encourages participants to prioritize eco-friendly travel options. While emphasizing green travel, the initiative ensures inclusivity by providing increased support for non-green travel, catering to those residing in remote areas or with limited access to sustainable transport options. 

Aligning more closely with European values, Erasmus+ underscores the importance of respecting EU principles. The program mandates that beneficiaries and activities uphold values enshrined in the EU Treaties and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, including respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, and human rights. 

Erasmus+ remains steadfast in supporting Ukraine amid ongoing challenges. Initiatives are directed towards addressing educational hurdles stemming from conflict, fostering incoming learning mobility, combating disinformation, and aiding refugee integration. 

Annual budget allocation and priorities 

With a substantial annual budget of €4.3 billion, Erasmus+ fortifies its commitment to mobility and cooperation activities. The program continues to play a pivotal role in advancing its overarching priorities: inclusion and diversity, active citizenship, green and digital transitions, within the EU and beyond. 

Individuals, educational institutions, youth organizations, and other stakeholders are encouraged to explore the available opportunities for 2024. 

Key calls 

Call Deadline 
Alliances for Education and Enterprises 7th March 2024  
Alliances for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills (implementing the ‘Blueprint’) 7th March 2024  
Centres of Vocational Excellence 7th May 2024 

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Maria Macedo 

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