27 March 2024

Is your company planning to invest in sustainable technologies or energy-efficient solutions? Discover the power of sustainable investments with Flemish grants available that can help you realise your plans!

Revolution in Ecology grants  

The year 2024 started with great news: the Flemish Government has in principle approved the decision to grant support to companies for ecology expenditures in the Flemish Region – following opinions from The House of Flemish Social Consultation (SERV), from the Minaraad Milieu en Natuur, from the VTW and from the Data Protection Authority (GBA). This new decree replaces and consolidates the existing ecology support regulations, increasing the accessibility and clarity of support measures. The decision now goes to the Council of State for advice.

Some notable changes include:  

The possibility of supporting environmental studies as a tool for exploring the feasibility of strategic ecology support, the extension of the target group for GREEN investment support to non-profit organisations with commercial activities, and the introduction of third-party financing to support climate-friendly investments in other companies.  

In addition, the scope of “Strategic Ecology Support” will be expanded, including a reduction of the investment thresholds from €3 million to €1.5 million. Although the maximum grant will be reduced to 0.5 million euros, “super-strategic” projects can apply for an exception to receive a higher amount.   

If a project submitted under a thematic call also includes components on the Limitative Technology List of the “Ecology Premium+”, it will be able to cumulate the support ceilings of both. More information on the ceilings per ecology support can be found in the table below:  

Aid Investment threshold (€) Support ceiling (€) 
Ecologiepremie+ € 0 € 1.000.000 
Strategic Ecology support € 1.500.000 € 500.000 
Thematic call € 50.000 € 1.000.000 
Environmental study € 50.000 € 1.000.000 

Ecology premium+, GREEN investment grant and more  

Before the changes are officially implemented, you can find all current information on the grants below:

Ecology premium+  

Do you have plans to invest in sustainable technology? Then you may be eligible for the ecology premium+.  

The ecology premium+ is intended for companies investing in technologies that tie in with various themes, such as cooling, transport, lighting, heat and water. This includes technologies such as heat pumps, solar boilers, geothermal and more. Support ranges from 15 to 55% on the extra ecological cost of the investment components, depending on the technology and the size of your company.

GREEN Investment subsidy 

Do you have plans to switch from fossil fuels to green energy or make your business processes electric to reduce CO2 emissions? Then the GREEN investment subsidy is a Flemish support measure specifically for you.   

If your investment does not qualify for the ecology premium+ or if you want to use another green technology, the GREEN investment subsidy may be a solution. This grant supports investments in green technologies for heating, cooling, electrification and energy efficiency. The support amounts to 20-40% of the ecological additional costs, with a minimum of €50,000 in project costs.  

Strategic Ecology support  

Want to invest in technologies that are unique to your company and therefore do not appear on the standard list of the ecology premium+? Then the Flemish government’s strategic ecology support is for you.   

For large, non-standardised investments, there is the strategic ecology subsidy. This grant supports company-specific ecology projects. The support ranges from 20 to 40 per cent on the ecological extra cost of eligible investment components, depending on the technology and the size of your company.

In short, whether you want to make a small adjustment or realise a large-scale project, there are several subsidies available to make your sustainable ambitions a reality. 

With FI Group as your trusted partner, you can navigate your way through the changing landscape of R&D funding and make the most of the incentives available. 

Yvette Poumpalova 

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