Commercial application of intellectual property rights

The deduction for innovation income for patented products or developed software
This measure is an extra incentive to support companies in their innovation investments through intellectual property. Income resulting from innovation can be deducted up to 85%. Since it applies not only to patented products but also to IT developments, this measure contributes to the development of the knowledge economy.

Maximising the potential of your intangible assets through Intellectual Property Management 

The deduction for innovation income for patented products or developed software

As a company, you know that your success goes beyond tangible production. Your intangible assets, including patents and intellectual property (IP), play a crucial role in shaping your business. At FI Group, we recognize the value of these intangible assets and helps you to identify and value them as strategic elements of your business.  

One way of valuing these intangible assets is the innovation income deduction. This measure is an additional incentive to support companies that invest in innovation through intellectual property. Income from innovation can be deducted up to 85%. As it applies not only to income from patents but also to income generated by IT developments in an R&D context, this measure contributes to the development of the knowledge economy.

Our Three-Phase Approach *

We follow a comprehensive three-phase approach to promote the growth of your intangible assets:

  • Analysis and Audit

In the first phase, we conduct a thorough analysis and audit to assess your current situation, identify existing assets, and understand your business strategy. This allows us to design a customised roadmap and action plan that includes recommendations, the development of an IP strategy and the structuring and management of intellectual property. By tailoring our approach to your unique needs and objectives, we ensure a tailored approach to maximise results.

  • Implementation

Once the plan is in place, we provide practical support and training to facilitate its implementation within your organisation. We help you create an innovative collaborative framework and communicate effectively with specialists in IP procurement. Our goal is to simplify the process for you and provide ongoing support and guidance for successful integration into your business.

  • Creating Value from IP Assets

In the final stage, we help you to fully exploit the value of your IP assets through IP valuation and IP-led innovation. We provide you with an understanding of the key IP issues and questions to be addressed so that you can structure the process within your organisation. Our goal is to enable you to manage your IP projects independently, while providing ongoing support to maximise the value of your assets and streamline implementation.

* A pre-audit step prior to phase 1 can be added to verify the relevance and scope of IP asset management for the company.

What intellectual property are we talking about?

  1. Industrial property rights in general and in particular patents, trademarks, designs, etc.
  2. Copyrights
  3. Trade secrets

Who can benefit of this measurement?

Our services are aimed at a wide range of companies. Whether you are a Belgian company, a Belgian branch of a foreign company or a foreign company whose innovation income is taxed in Belgium, we are here to help you realise the potential of your intangible assets. Our expertise extends to all sectors and types of businesses (from SMEs to large corporations), offering valuable support to companies seeking to leverage their intellectual property for growth and success.

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What are the advantages?


  • An IP culture within the company
  • Assistance in the identification, management and development of intangible assets
  • An IP strategy in line with the company’s strategy
  • Structured integration of IP into the company’s organisation
  • Advice on building an IP portfolio to compete in the market

A measure that can be applied to patented products or developed software in order to deduct the innovation income.


Ability to deduct up to 85% of income resulting from innovation

Intellectual property concerned

  • Patents and other intellectual property developed internally, in research centers in Belgium or abroad

  • Patents acquired (by purchase, license, etc.) provided that the company continues to develop patented products in research centers in Belgium or abroad

  • Since 01/01/2013, SMEs are exempt from obligations linked to the R&D center

Eligible income

  • License revenue: fees, advances, etc.
  • A share of the turnover of patented products and services
  • R&D income (computer software, plant variety rights, etc.)
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