Once the carbon footprint is understood, we then design an ambitious bespoke decarbonisation plan consisting of a series of actions focusing on lowering emissions throughout the value chain. These actions may be technological or not and will be grouped in light of whether they are short-, medium-, or long-term in nature. We also provide the integral support necessary to obtain climate neutrality, in line with the EU Net-Zero Industry Act. Furthermore, we are committed to involving all stakeholders in the process to assure their participation and collaboration in the implementation of these measures.

In this context, at the FI Group, we provide the comprehensive support necessary to design a Decarbonization Plan.

  • Preliminary situational analysis and configuration of project milestones.
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint covering the entire value chain.
  • Development of a Decarbonisation Plan.
  • Support for verification and registration of the Carbon Footprint at the MITERD.
  • Advice for funding decarbonisation measures and actions.
  • Alignment of climate-change KPIs with international reporting standards.
  • Multi-year monitoring of the measures’ efficacy.

Furthermore, thanks to the FI Group’s broad expertise in supporting companies in their pursuit of assistance and funding for projects with more sustainable, low-carbon technologies, we offer a roadmap to funding the actions set out in the Decarbonisation Plan, with the FI Group conducting a technical, environmental, and economic/financial analysis that enables us to prioritise them according to needs and available funding, and to propose different solutions to assist with funding in order to deploy them.

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