FI Group calculates your event’s carbon footprint by taking into account its stages (set up, celebration, and breakdown), helping you develop an emissions reduction plan that conducts an analysis to detect your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, thus enabling it to improve on future events.

We provide technical assistance to deploy the best practices possible during event planning to assure the smallest impact on the environment and society.

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The main factors one should act on, and propose improvements for, in order to host sustainable events include:

  • Food: healthy and recyclable, avoiding waste
  • Power and water: reducing the consumption of both and prioritising renewable energy
  • Mobility: promoting more sustainable public transport and local vendors
  • Waste: reduce, reuse, recycle any waste generated
  • Communications: promoting these types of practices
  • Assessment: inspecting whether sustainability measures have been enacted
  • Protecting the environment: avoiding acoustic, light, and atmospheric pollution
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