13 July 2023

Discover the new calendar for green and R&D grants

Summer? That also means re-energising and getting inspired. And what could be better than exploring new grant opportunities for your business?  

An overview per region

FI Group proudly presents the new summer edition of the Grants Calendar! This updated calendar provides an overview of the latest subsidies for green and R&D investments in Flanders and Wallonia. Whether you are a sustainable company or focused on research and development, this calendar is your key to optimising your business strategy and taking advantage of funding opportunities.   

As your strategic partner, FI Group is ready to help and support you in exploring the funding calendar and making informed decisions based on your business needs. Our team of experts is ready to work with you to identify which grant opportunities best suit your innovative projects and green investments.  

Whether you are looking for support on green energy projects, circular economy, digital transformation, R&D or other innovation-focused initiatives, FI Group has the knowledge and experience to optimise your grant application and achieve success.   

Contact us today and let us guide you to the success of your projects! FI Group, your trusted partner for strategic funding decisions in the summer and beyond! 

With FI Group as your trusted partner, you can navigate your way through the changing landscape of R&D funding and make the most of the incentives available.

Yvette Poumpalova 

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