6 January 2023

World Day of Technology on January 6 recognizes how R&D technology changes the world and looks towards the future. The day celebrates the technological achievements that make an impact on our daily lives and allow us to expand our innovative ideas. Outside of healthcare, technology work is one of the fastest growing and most powerful sectors. Moreover, it is at the heart of most jobs today. From agriculture and healthcare to education and manufacturing, food services and security, we use technology to keep us organized, connected, healthy, and safe. 

The digital transformation 

Technology’s become integrated into every aspect of economic transformation and project management. While the digital transition enables digital organisation and opportunities, the biggest challenges lie ahead. 

Digital solutions that put people first will open new opportunities for businesses, encourage the development of trustworthy technology, foster an open and democratic society, enable a vibrant and sustainable economy, and achieve Digital Transformation. Funded by NEXT Generation EU, Belgium has the ambition to transform  into a digital, modern, and competitive economy. The aim is to introduce innovations that enhance citizens’ welfare and support economic resilience.  

Opportunities of the digital age 

Is your organisation aware of the strategic fiscal opportunities that enable you to adapt quickly and take your project to the next level? 

FI Group’s approach allows our expert consultants to look at the technological aspects of your transformation journey: what fiscal and grant opportunities lie ahead for your business going into the digital age? By focusing on technology, process and people factors from the start, we analyse your innovation level and match the R&D incentives to that. 

  • Seeing the digital opportunities for your business: digital is not just about the technologies, at FI Group it is about finding fiscal solutions, creating unique grants opportunities, and accelerating your business. 
  • From strategy to execution: is your business agile enough to implement the necessary technical and administrative needs to fit into the innovative digital age of tomorrow? 

How FI Group can help 

More than just R&D specialists, FI Group also speaks the language of business. Thinking creatively and with thorough knowledge of leading-edge technologies, our experience can transform your business to increase your emplyee retention, decrease tax return, support in resolving project management issues, and become more profitable. 

We have experience in keeping projects on track and making sure you are on top of all necessary deadlines, document filings, … We make sure to deliver that what your project really needs when applying for an R&D grant or tax incentive, on time and on budget, creating end-user buy-in along the way. We can support your business with all aspects of digital transformation – operations, taxation, legal, HR, … 

What we get the most out of is analysing your business and managing your R&D project activities! As innovation moves faster than business, especially in this digital age, we strive to exceed your expectations. The digital transformation will impact your entire enterprise and FI Group is there to support a smooth transition.  

Approaching innovation from your business context 

As an international R&D+I consultancy with broad experience in multiple sectors, FI Group helps you to approach innovation in a rounded manner. We make sure all aspects of your project lifecycle and innovative growth are considered.  

Our multi-disciplinary team, with a deep background knowledge of IT, engineering, and data analysis, … makes sure to analyse your specific needs during a first exploratory audit. This way, we can meet the needs of your specific business context. Helping your ideas grow, that’s where our expert consulting combines its specialists’ sector and business knowledge with deep technical expertise. 

Our goal is to boost our clients’ innovation and uncover the opportunities that make up a part of your core corporate DNA. Not sure if you are eligible? Take advantage of our innovation services, providing analysis and audit of R&D growth possibilities present. 

Curious about our expertise and services? 

R&D+I services 

Knowledge is power! Knowing how different emerging technologies or digital trends could impact your business and create fiscal opportunities, can have a positive R&D kickback. Do you understand how to use innovation to get ahead of the competition or make a mark in an entirely different market? Are you able to use the innovation in your corporate DNA to its full potential, understanding the grants and tax credits lying ahead on your path? If not, how can you change that? FI Group can help you use innovation to get ahead. 

R&D Tax Credits are offered by several goverments, institutions, … for research and development projects to help fund innovative businesses. However, for several businesses, the claiming process can be complex and overwhelming. 

Our FI specialists help you identify innovative ideas and R&D fiscal opportunities. Deep dive into an idea or technology together and use our expertise and support to turn that into a project using available R&D grants and fiscal measures. We prepare your project by creating a technical narrative of high quality. Innovation is embedded into your corporate DNA, FI Group supports its growth by find the best fitting financial support measures catered to your situation.  

If you feel overwhelmed by the technical process of claiming and would like more clarity or support, contact one of our FI consultants! We will help you with your technical report in a way that meets the necessary criteria and most importantly, increases the chance of you optimising your claim. 

To further encourage you to invest in R&D+I, our FI Group consultants help identifyimplement and maintain the necessary financial processes. We support you in understanding and intercepting the available R&D+I opportunities.    

Yvette Poumpalova

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