6 July 2022

The European Commission is about to launch the European Innovation Agenda, a plan that will have more than 10 billion euro to increase success among European start-ups.  

The Commission’s main objective is to recreate in Europe the culture of innovation and successful start-ups that exists in the United States.  

The five central axes of the Agenda 

Financing experimentation in innovative sectors: 

The Commission understands that experimentation is a fundamental part of this technological acceleration process. That is why it wants to finance and provide experimentation spaces such as facilities, capacities, and services for the most innovative sectors (such as the hydrogen sector).  

Promoting business growth: 

The development of technology companies in their expansion stage will be encouraged through the mobilization of institutional and private investors. 

 Promotion of innovation ecosystems around the EU: 

The third initiative consists of promoting the creation of regional innovation valleys. 10 billion will be earmarked for interregional innovation projects focused on EU priorities. In addition, this initiative will help to promote innovation in the Member States through the instruments of cohesion policy and Horizon Europe. 

Boosting European talent: 

One of the objectives of this Agenda is to retain and attract talent in research, Innovation, and entrepreneurship in areas such as:  

  • Synthetic cells 
  • Nanotechnology 
  • Hydrospace 

Establish guidelines for developing innovation policies: 

The Commission has as the last axis of its European Innovation Agenda the creation of guidelines, definitions, and indicators on which to base when creating innovation policies at a national and regional level.  

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Diego Gonzalez Armesto 

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