14 June 2023

Optimise your tax situation with IPBox 

 In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, companies are striving to differentiate themselves from the competition and maximise their financial resources. While many businesses focus on tangible assets such as machinery, inventory and real estate, they often overlook the potential value hidden in their intellectual property (IP). This results from the protection of intellectual assets such as inventions, new technologies, unique processes and so on. IP includes IP rights such as patents, trademarks, designs and trade secrets, all of which can be valuable and offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  One powerful tool that enables enterprises to unlock the potential of their active assets is the Innovation Income Deduction or IPBox

Managing the IPBox 

The IPBox offers companies a unique opportunity to exploit their intellectual property and optimise their tax position. It consists of a deduction of up to 85% of income resulting from innovation. As it applies not only to patents but also to software in particular, this measure contributes to the development of the knowledge economy. But despite these advantages, many companies are unaware of the potential of their intellectual assets or simply do not know that the associated IP may be eligible for the IPBox.     

How can companies identify their IP rights and use them to their advantage? 

Intellectual assets generate revenue for a company in a number of ways, such as licensing income, sales of patented products or revenue from the development of innovative software. IP can make a significant contribution to a company’s revenue stream and overall financial health.    

To identify and capitalise on the value of their IP rights, companies should ask themselves the following questions:  

1.- What intellectual property rights do we own? 

Assess your company’s IP rights, including patents, trade marks, designs and trade secrets.  Determine the extent to which these rights contribute to revenue generation and help maintain your market position.  By carrying out an internal audit, our experts can identify all the IP rights held by your organisation and determine their value. Through this process, we help companies make the right decisions and contribute to the realisation of their corporate strategy.    

2.- Is our intellectual property sufficiently protected?    

Ensure that your intellectual property assets are properly protected through appropriate registration, documentation, and confidentiality measures. This protection helps safeguard your assets from infringement and unauthorized use, which is why evaluating existing protection measures are of importance. 

3.- Are we making the most of our intellectual property?    

Examine the various ways of making the most of your intellectual property, such as licensing agreements, strategic partnerships or the marketing of innovative products or services. Identify opportunities to generate revenue and create value from your intellectual property. Find out how FI Group can help you develop an IP strategy and strengthen the IP culture within your organisation. 

4.- Are we aware of the eligibility criteria for the IPBox? 

Familiarise yourself with the requirements and eligibility criteria for implementing the IPBox. Understand the types of intellectual property assets covered, the applicable deductions, and the specific conditions for claiming the tax benefits. Allow your company to grow further by relying on a trustworthy partner.

A holistic approach to your future business growth 

Aside from the IPBox implementation, where our experts aid you in navigating the Innovation Income Deduction and ensure your enterprise meets all eligibility criteria to maximise the available deductions on your IP-related income(s), FI Group also offers a comprehensive three-phase approach to unlocking hidden value within intellectual property assets: 

  1. Analysis and Audit 
  2. Implementation 
  3. Creating Value from IP Assets 

This is where the expertise and support of a partner like FI Group can make a significant difference. As a leading consultancy specializing in innovation tax incentives and IP management, FI Group has extensive experience in helping enterprises identify, protect, and leverage their intangible assets. By working with FI Group, businesses gain access to a team of experts who can guide them through the complexities of IP management, apply the Innovation Income Deduction, and ensure that theytake full advantage of the IPBox benefits

By partnering with the FI Group, companies have access to expert advice, industry insight and personalised support throughout their IP journey. 

By partnering with FI Group, enterprises gain access to expert guidance, industry insights, and personalized support throughout their IP journey. With the IPBox tax incentive, businesses can unlock hidden value, strengthen their financial position, and reinvest those savings into further innovation and growth. 

Enterprises must recognize the untapped potential of their intangible assets and the significant value they can bring to their business. By identifying, protecting, and leveraging their intellectual property assets, companies can gain a competitive advantage, drive innovation, and enhance their financial performance. The IPBox tax incentive, supported by the expertise of FI Group, provides a powerful mechanism for businesses to unlock hidden value, reduce tax liabilities, and invest in their future. Don’t let your active assets remain dormant – discover the possibilities and reap the rewards of the IPBox. 

Yvette Poumpalova

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