28 March 2024

The Flemish government continues to reinforce its commitment to a more sustainable future through the Ecology Premium+. This incentive encourages companies to make their production and business processes more sustainable and energy-efficient. Since its launch, the Ecology Premium+ has offered companies financial support for investments that lead to increased energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.  

Recently, the Flemish government made some changes to the Limitative Technologies List (LTL), which determines which technologies are eligible for the premium. These changes include:  

  • Deletion of technology: electric/CNG high-pressure trailer.  
  • Adjustment of the subsidy rate for different technologies.  
  • Adjustment of the description for technologies, such as investments for waterway or rail transport as a substitute for road transport.  
  • Clarification of definitions, including waste heat/energy, non-public charging stations and sustainably generated electric energy.  

About the Ecology Premium+  

Do you have plans to invest in sustainable technology? This premium offers financial support to companies wishing to make ecology investments in the Flemish Region. The Flemish government wants to encourage companies to make their production process environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The ecology premium focuses specifically on technologies that fall under the themes of cooling, transport, lighting, heat and water.  

FI Group will help you with a clear project plan to make your ideas successful and support you with a strategy to secure the necessary funding.  

It is important to note that aid applications submitted from 1 January 2024 must take into account this revamped LTL. Companies planning to make ecological investments are encouraged to consult the updated list and adapt their projects accordingly.  

For companies whose intended technology is not on the LTL, the Flemish government offers alternative support options, such as GREEN investment support or strategic ecology support. This opens new avenues for companies to support their eco-friendly initiatives and contribute to a more sustainable society. 

The renewed Ecology Premium+ and LTL create new opportunities and encourage innovation in environmentally friendly business investments. 

With FI Group as your trusted partner, you can navigate your way through the changing landscape of R&D funding and make the most of the incentives available. 

Yvette Poumpalova 

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