3 April 2023

The solutions that R&D grants can provide a growing business 

Grants provide an important source of funding for businesses in Belgium. Particularly for those that may have limited resources to invest in R&D activities and/or want to invest in their green and energy saving transformation. By providing financial support for R&D projects, the Belgian government hopes to stimulate innovation, create new products and services, and support the growth of businesses in the country. 

What does the grant application process look like? 

Applying for an R&D grant as an enterprise can be a complex process, depending on the specific grant program and the complexity of the R&D project.  

Eligibility & documentation 

R&D grants often have strict eligibility requirements, such as specific industries or project types, and may require a certain level of expertise or experience. Ensuring that your company and project meet all of these requirements can be a challenge. Added, there are often strict documentation requirements for R&D grant applications, including detailed project proposals, budgets, and supporting documentation. Enterprises need to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation in order before submitting their application. 

The application processes 

The application process for R&D grants can be lengthy and time-consuming, with a significant amount of paperwork and documentation required. It may also involve multiple stages or rounds of review, which can add to the complexity of the process. 

A level of technical expertise, particularly in terms of describing the scientific or technical aspects of the project, make the process go smoother. This can be a challenge for companies that do not have a strong R&D team or experience in applying for grants. 

Reporting & compliance 

Once a grant is awarded, there may be strict reporting and compliance requirements that must be met in order to continue receiving funding. This can add to the administrative burden and complexity of the project. 


R&D grant programs are often highly competitive, with many other enterprises vying for the same funding opportunities. This can make it challenging to stand out and be successful in securing the grant. 

Despite these challenges, applying for an R&D grant as an enterprise can be a worthwhile investment of time and resources, as it can provide access to funding that can help accelerate innovation and drive business growth. It is important for enterprises to be well-prepared and aware of the requirements and challenges of the application process in order to maximize their chances of success. 

What are the different sources of funding available 

Grants provide enterprises with access to funding that can be used to support the development of new products, services, or processes, or to improve existing ones. This can help to accelerate innovation and drive business growth by enabling enterprises to invest in R&D activities, the green transition, the circular economy transformation, … that may not have been possible otherwise. 

Green & energy-saving grants  

Companies doing Research and Development (R&D) should be aware of the green transition as it has profound implications for their operations, competitive position and bottom line. Here are some key subsidies with a focus on reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy and protecting the environment. The green transition encourages key innovation in areas such as renewable energy, electric vehicles and sustainable materials. Companies with a focus on R&D that are aware of and invest in these trends can gain a competitive advantage and position themselves for long-term growth.  

R&D grants and innovation  

R&D+I grants can also significantly support companies as they provide financial assistance to companies engaged in research and development activities. They can significantly support enterprises of all sizes by funding R&D activities, encouraging cooperation, reducing financial risks, supporting job creation and increasing competitiveness. These grants play an important role in strengthening innovation and the sustainable growth of all industries in Belgium.  

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