26 July 2023

As the summer season approaches, it’s the perfect time to unwind, relax, and dive into some exciting summer reading. But why not make this summer even more productive by exploring funding opportunities for your innovative projects? Have a look at Belgian grants that are opening in the next few months! 

Navigate the funding landscape 

At FI Group, we understand the importance of finding the right support to bring your ideas to life. We can be your ideal partner in navigating the funding landscape, aligning it with your vision, and translating it into a strategic and innovative business plan. So sit back, and let’s explore some grants that are open during the summer or will open afterward to fuel your imagination and help you plan your future strategies. 

Opportunities for financing your green transition, energy transformation, and innovation 

Belgium is a country brimming with opportunities when it comes to financing your green transition, energy transformation, as well as innovative and R&D projects. Through various types of funds, the Belgian government is actively supporting initiatives that contribute to a sustainable and innovative future. Whether you’re aiming to develop renewable energy solutions, enhance energy efficiency, drive technological advancements, or embark on groundbreaking research, there are grants available to turn your aspirations into reality.  

By leveraging these funding opportunities, you can not only make a positive impact on society but also strengthen your competitive edge in the market. 

Now, let’s dive into some of the exciting grants that you can explore this summer and prepare for in the coming weeks/months: 


Groene stroom: 

Groene stroom is a grant that supports projects related to renewable energy generation, encouraging the transition to clean and sustainable energy sources. 

  • Open to businesses and organizations involved in renewable energy projects, such as wind, solar, biomass, or hydroelectric power. 
  • Financial support for the development, implementation, and operation of renewable energy projects, helping to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a greener future. 


The Energietransitiefonds focuses on financing projects that contribute to the energy transition and decarbonization of industries. 

  • Open to businesses and organizations involved in energy transition projects, including energy efficiency improvements, electrification, and adoption of sustainable practices. 
  • Financial support for investments in energy transition projects, including research, development, and implementation of innovative technologies and processes. 

Clean Energy Transition Partnership: 

The Clean Energy Transition Partnership is a collaborative initiative between public and private entities, aiming to accelerate the clean energy transition through funding innovative projects. 

  • Open to partnerships between businesses, research institutions, and government bodies focusing on projects related to renewable energy, energy storage, smart grids, and clean technologies. 
  • Access to funding, technical expertise, and networking opportunities to support the development and implementation of clean energy transition projects. 


The Baekeland-mandaten grant aims to stimulate collaboration between businesses and academia by supporting doctoral research projects with industrial relevance in Flanders. 

  • Open to businesses and doctoral candidates in Flanders engaging in collaborative research projects that bridge academic research and industrial applications. 
  • Financial support for doctoral research projects, including funding for research activities, academic supervision, industry partnerships, and knowledge transfer. 


The Innovatiemandaten grant supports talented researchers in Flanders by providing funding for postdoctoral research projects that drive innovation and technological advancements. 

  • Available to postdoctoral researchers in Flanders undertaking research projects with a strong focus on innovation, technology development, and knowledge creation. 
  • Financial support for postdoctoral research projects, including funding for research activities, mentorship, networking opportunities, and career development. 



The 0Carbon4Wal grant is designed to support projects focused on carbon neutrality and sustainable development in Wallonia, Belgium. It aims to encourage initiatives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the transition towards a low-carbon economy. 

  • Open to businesses, research institutions, local authorities, and non-profit organizations located in Wallonia. Projects should be related to carbon reduction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, circular economy, and other sustainable practices. 
  • Financial support for eligible projects, including funding for research, development, implementation, and monitoring. Including access to expert guidance and resources to facilitate the successful execution of sustainable initiatives. 

Remember, these grants are just a glimpse of the many opportunities available. At FI Group, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the funding landscape, and our team of experts can guide you through the entire process, ensuring you make the most of the available funding opportunities. So, take advantage of the summer season to plan, dream big, and let us help you turn your innovative ideas into successful projects. 

With FI Group as your reliable partner, you can navigate the evolving landscape of R&D funding and fully leverage the available incentive measures. 

Yvette Poumpalova 

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